Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life

curated by Megan Fizell, 2012

This exhibition will consider the representation of food within the visual arts and beyond the standard still life tableaux. The consumption of food is a universally shared experience, enabling people viewing the exhibition to connect with the issues surrounding consumerism, food production and cultural identity.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 02 October 2012 to Saturday 20 October 2012

First World Food (burgers) image Wreath image Urn of Grapes image All that is solid melts into air image 9pm Elizabeth Bay House image Let them eat cake image Let them eat cake image 20 Meals eaten by Vin, Lisa and Lewis between 8 and 27 March 2010 (5) image 20 Meals Eaten by Lewis image Stew image The Tablecloth's Revenge image Hotdog image Shanghai image First World Food (burgers) image Large Lies image First World Food (burgers) image Bite me image Future Fruit 10 image Future Fruit 120 image Future Fruit 1 image

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‘Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life’ will be on view during the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. Artists include Senden Blackwood and Laura Mathias, Will Coles, Maz Dixon, Michael Edwards, Stuart Elliott (courtesy Turner Galleries, Perth), Sarah Field (courtesy Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay), James Guppy, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Al Munro, Will Nolan, Vin Ryan (courtesy of Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne), Sue Saxon and Jane Becker, Robyn Stacey (courtesy of Stills Gallery, Sydney), Susanna Strati, Janet Tavener, Christine Turner, Claire Anna Watson, Elizabeth Willing and Ken + Julia Yonetani (courtesy Artereal Gallery, Sydney).