GastroPorn culminates a visual orgy of feasting and overindulgence from rich opulence to the dark gluttonous. Coinciding with SMH's Crave International Food Festival, 20 artists submit to an insatiable artistic hunger in the addiction, greed and want of food.

Art Exhibition previously on at NG ART GALLERY in Chippendale precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 25 September 2012 to Saturday 13 October 2012

Nightmare on Sugar image Nightmare on Sugar image Iced Vovo image Steak image Big Fat Oyster image Pidgeon Pie image Olives image Untitled image Position Point #29 image Position Point #30 image Position Point #31 image Titanium image Four and Twenty - Dainty Dish image Ginger image Sugar Fix image Dessert image Red Fascinator image Corkscrew image Red Fascinator image Touching the Void image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 04 October 2012.
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The primal binge in constructing gastronomy reserve for times of famine in animalistic survival is re-contextualised: a consumer generated capitalist mutation; the credited bloated and perpetually expanding driving force behind the Western gut. The obesity epidemic exposes society’s disproportioned mentality to food.

Our extended emotional food to relationship converses comfort, confident and guilty pleasures. Empathic psychology relishes in the comfort of overwhelming fullness, false completeness and security of a heavy gut. NG Art Gallery tempts a visual feast in the sensory gluttony of GastroPorn.

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