Deb presents MAN UP

Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer with All Male Artists working in Monochrome. Created and curated by Australian Artist, DEB as a part of her 16 week campaign, MAN UP features some of the best male international and Australian artists working within a monochromatic palette in support of the Cancer Council.

Art Exhibition previously on in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 11 October 2012 to Sunday 14 October 2012
Launch Thursday 11 October 2012, 6-9pm

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Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 05 October 2012.
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MAN UP is proudly raising funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer. 100% of the sales of artworks will go towards the cause.

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Ghost Cave (USA), Greg Mike (USA), Jim Houser (USA), Mark Bode (USA), Mear One (USA), Mike Giant (USA), Mike C – Hit+Run Crew (USA), Nathan Parker (UK), Peat ‘Eyez’ Wollaeger (USA), Phill Blake (UK), Vyal One (USA)

Alex Lehours, Ben Bigeni, Ben Brown, Ben Frost, Dale Bigeni, Damien Matter, Danny Young, Edward Woodley, Jakob Morley, Jumbo, Justin Feuerring, Ken Taylor, Luke Shirlaw, Mark Douglass, Martin E Wills, Matthew Gordon, Michale Fikaris, Monkey, Paris, Pilfer, RJ Williams, Sarris, Shane Kenning, Shida, Sprinkles, Stabs, Steen Jones, Teem and more…


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