Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol

Renowned contemporary artist Sharon Lockhart explores the work of the innovative dance composer Noa Eshkol (Israel, 1924–2007).

Art Exhibition previously on at The Jewish Museum in New York, United States.
From Friday 02 November 2012 to Sunday 24 March 2013

Production still from Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets by Noa Eshkol image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 10 October 2012.
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Eshkol created an intricate movement notation system and formed the Chamber Dance Group in 1954. She also designed and created colorful wall carpets, which the dancers worked on collectively. After Eshkol’s death, a group remains active in preserving her legacy; Lockhart spent time with this group.

Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol is conceived by Lockhart as a two-person exhibition, with Lockhart’s work in dialogue with Eshkol’s. The exhibition includes a film installation, a series of photographs, a selection of wall carpets and materials from Eshkol’s archive.