First Major Sydney Solo Survey in 20 Years of Seminal Conceptual Artist Peter Tyndall

Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney next month presents one of the most all-embracing commercial exhibitions by a leading Australian artist. An extensive solo survey of works by widely respected Australian artist Peter Tyndall will be exhibited at the gallery from 16 November to 22 December 2012.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Schwartz Gallery - Sydney in Chippendale precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 16 November 2012 to Saturday 22 December 2012

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Published by anonymous on Friday 19 October 2012.
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The exhibition will present works by Tyndall from the mid-1970s to the present. It is the first time the full extent of the artist’s career has been exhibited. Tyndall’s formative years were to mark him as an original conceptualist-painter. He quickly attracted the attention of curators and public collections, and his exhibition profile in Australia and internationally is extensive.

Tyndall has been connected with Anna Schwartz Gallery for almost two decades. ‘Peter is one of Australia’s most important painters from the last quarter of the 20th century to the present. It is timely to recognise this and to ensure his reputation and work can be introduced to the next generation of curators and art historians,’ says Anna Schwartz.

Exhibition Curator, Doug Hall, and Tyndall have known each other since they were teens in the late 1960s. Hall says of the artist’s work: ‘Peter developed a pictorial iconography which appears uninterested in international trends. Oddly, that’s one reason why he attracts so much interest. His interests are as vast as they are deeply thought about.’