Heaven and Earth II

Depicting deep sky nebulae and outback floods. Marie is an amateur astronomer with a specific interest in deep-sky objects. Her inspiration includes the Hubble images that NASA and others present. "As I look through my scope at various nebulae, which I only see in black and white, of course, my mind's eye juxtaposes the Hubble colour images.

Art Exhibition previously on at Percolator Gallery in Queensland, Australia.
From Tuesday 06 November 2012 to Monday 12 November 2012

Rosetta Nebula image Marie Green with the award winning Tarantula Nebulae image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 23 October 2012.
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That got me thinking about how I could paint my favourite nebulae to do them justice. To take me past the painting’s frame right into the nebula and on to swing with the stars. After a substantial amount of experimentation, I developed a technique for painting the heavens that also lent itself perfectly to my signature style," she says.

Marie first picked up a paintbrush only four years ago after she retired as an IT project manager. She has since notched up a number of awards and had a sold out exhibition in Alaska. She has also developed a solid social media following through sharing stories of her paintings and their development.

Marie’s realistic landscape style is reminiscent of European masters and showcases impressionistic brushstrokes and strong use of colour. Her paintings have been sold all over the world.

Award-winning oil painter, Marie Green will hold her first solo exhibition, titled ‘Heaven and Earth II’, in Paddington in November.

One of Marie’s paintings was recently chosen as the People’s Choice Award at the Rockhampton Art Gallery and another the Best in Show at the 1770 Festival Art Show in Agnes Waters.

The exhibition in November at Percolator Gallery in Paddington will be a diverse collection of 15 paintings of deep sky objects, a series around the Queensland floods of January 2011 and various seascapes.


Percolator Gallery
134 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington QLD 4064