Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern is the first full-scale retrospective of this artist in over twenty years.

Art Exhibition previously on at Tate Modern in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Thursday 21 February 2013 to Monday 27 May 2013

Oh, Jeff…I Love You, Too…But… image Whaam! image Masterpiece image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 03 November 2012.
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Co-organised by The Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern, it brings together 125 of his most definitive paintings and sculptures and will reassess his enduring legacy. Renowned for his works based on comic strips and advertising imagery, coloured with his signature hand-painted Benday dots, the exhibition showcases key paintings such as Look Mickey 1961 lent from the National Gallery Art, Washington and his monumental Artist’s Studio series of 1973–4.