Mailbox 141

An exhibition of artificial flowers collected from the cemetery. At the pre-burial “viewing”, the bereaved are often confronted with the sight of their loved one in an artificially beautified state of what appears to be perpetual preservation. Artificial flowers, found in abundance in our cemeteries, ironically appear to be in a similar kind of suspended animation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 20 November 2012 to Friday 04 January 2013

Purple Flower image White Rose image Pink Flower image Spindly flower image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 11 November 2012.
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Many of these plastic gardens are tended with great love and devotion. These flowers however, don’t really blossom into their fullest beauty until they have weathered at the grave for several years.

The flowers in this exhibition are significant, as they are each taken from the graves of people I once knew. Most of the flowers have been at the gravesites for many years and, like the body at the viewing, have now been treated to preserve their current transient state – in perpetuity.


Entrance, 141 Flinders Lane