The exhibition represented by the contemporary art museum PERMM within the framework of the annual project "Art-territory", is dedicated to the topic of anonymity in art. More and more artists are studying this phenomenon, or are acting in accordance with anonymous strategies. In the era of internet, anonymity is not only a phenomenon of art, but of social life as well.

Art Exhibition previously on in Russian Federation.
From Friday 23 November 2012 to Sunday 23 December 2012
Launch Thursday 22 November 2012, 7pm

faceless # 2 image faceless # 1 image

Event published by anonymous on Friday 23 November 2012.
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The exhibition is neither a manifest nor an appeal. It is a reflection on the motives and semantics of anonymity in contemporary art. In the exhibition one will be able to get acquainted with different aspects of it: from anti-market strategies of self-positioning by contemporary artists to prohibition of face and anonymity, as technology of protection from the power’s reaction; from searches of designers, relying on Malevich’s heritage to stylized generalized portraits, which stopped fulfilling the portrait’s function. Anonymity is multifaceted and in future this project will be developing, acquiring new lines and sections. At the moment the exposition comprises more than 100 works by 34 artists. Among them there are well known artists – Marcus Jansen, Oleg Tselkov, Grisha Bruskin, Sergey Shutov, Erbol Meldibekov, Richard Vasco, Mikhail Rovner, Braco Dimitrijevi? as well as very young guys, street artists hiding behind pseudonyms.

When all exhibits are gathered together, there appears an image of intergalactic airport from the “Star Wars” movie. In this airport new humanoids are appearing all the time, absolutely different and not resembling anything we know. Uniqueness of artistic statement replaces individuality, singularity of a face.


Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM
Perm, Monastirskaya street, 2