Angelica Mesiti: Rapture (Silent Anthem)

Many Christian faiths believe that, at the end time, God will directly uplift into Heaven all true believers still alive.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 08 December 2012 to Saturday 02 March 2013

Rapture (Silent Anthem) image Rapture (Silent Anthem) image

Published by Institute of Modern Art on Friday 23 November 2012.
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This is called the ‘Rapture’. For her ten-minute silent video Rapture (Silent Anthem), Sydney-born artist Angelica Mesiti filmed fresh-faced teenagers in the mosh pit at a rock concert. Shot in slow motion, from a concealed location beneath the stage, her tightly cropped footage suggests a scene of collective religious fervour and spritual transport—you can’t tell that it was filmed at a concert. We see kids lost in their worship of rock gods performing just out of reach. Eyes open wide, sunlight reflects off beautiful young limbs, water thrown into the air mixes with sweat, hands clap and wave. Scrambling the spiritual and the secular, Rapture took out the $20,000 Blake Prize for Religious Art in 2009. It was the first video work to ever win. Angelica Mesiti is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Sydney.