These eight works on paper were made via a process of equal collaboration between Kate Tucker and Tai Snaith. In a new, abstracted take on the classic parlour game of the Exquisite Corpse (practiced by many of the early surrealists), these two artists spent time taking it in turns to either start or finish each work.

Art Exhibition previously on at Helen Gory Galerie in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 12 December 2012 to Saturday 22 December 2012
Launch Wednesday 12 December 2012,

Collaboration image Collaboration #7, 2012 image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 02 December 2012.
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With each work one artist made the collage base using material from a limited suite of found images, deliberately borrowing and re-contextualising other artists promotional images, amongst old textbooks and craft manuals. The second artist then finished the work with watercolour, gouache, acrylic or pencil. The results are a series of vibrant images blurring personal symbology and contrasting, yet strangely harmonious approaches. The artists felt that the inclusion of found imagery served to further extend extend the collaborative aspect of the project, as well as raising questions around authorship, authenticity and replication.