Gertrude Contemporary’s 2012 Studio Artists’ exhibition presents a dynamic selection of new work by sixteen of Australia’s most innovative young artists. Gertrude Contemporary offers an environment where risk, experimentation and creativity are encouraged.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 17 November 2012 to Saturday 15 December 2012


Published by anonymous on Sunday 02 December 2012.
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Featuring sixteen artists working across a range of disciplines the Gertrude Studios exhibition seeks to enhance commonalities as well as linking and intersecting what appear to be divergent practices, to reveal shared concerns and associations.

Veronica Kent presents a new installation work that sees her intimate portraits of an otherworldly family emerge and recede amongst objects and layered fabric. These figures and their accompanying objects seem to speak to each other silently in a private language of symbol and sign. The furtive tendencies of objects are also explored in Ash Kilmartin’s new installation work. Created specifically for the front gallery of Gertrude Contemporary and spanning the entire window, the silk and bronze work filters daylight as it enters the gallery and recalls both the physical and elusive presence of lingering memory.

Eliza Dyball’s installation follows the parameters of the gallery, snaking around the walls, negotiating the building, discretely tracking the spatial and relational currents of the exhibition. Dyball challenges our experience of space, while Darren Sylvester draws our attention to the passage of time, foregrounding our own mortality. Sylvester takes his recent interest in the neo-mysticism of contemporary beauty products to a new, monumental scale with the creation of a carved totem that greets both the future and the past. With her eye also fixed on the intersection of time, mysticism and science, Hanna Tai presents a new video work made during her recent research trip to Jantar Mantar, Jaipur. Here, monumental astronomical instruments constructed in the 16th Century provide the site for Tai’s ongoing exploration of cosmology and astronomy.

This exhibition also features new works by Fergus Binns, Trevelyan Clay, George Egerton-Warburton, Christopher Hill, Katie Lee, Laith McGregor, Joshua Petherick, Reko Rennie, Jensen Tjhung, Jake Walker and Paul Yore.

As part of the annual exhibition Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artists will be opening their studios to the public for one afternoon only on Saturday 24 November 1 – 4pm. This is an exclusive opportunity to meet the artists and gain an invaluable insight into their practices.

The Gertrude Studios exhibition is generously supported by Suzi Carp, Gertrude’s Table, Head of the Table, Exhibitions The Danielle and Daniel Besen Foundation, Gertrude’s Table, Head of the Table.

The Studio Artists’ catalogue is designed and generously sponsored by Yanni Florence