Polychromies: Surface, Light and Colour

In newly refurbished sculpture galleries Polychromies: Surface, Light and Colour looks at qualities of surface in bronze, marble and stone sculpture, highlighting embedded, applied and reflected colour in work that ranges from Antonio Canova to Rebecca Warren.

Art Exhibition previously on at Leeds Art Gallery in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
From Tuesday 01 January 2013 to Thursday 31 January 2013

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 26 December 2012.
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Following a substantial Arts Council Renaissance National Programme grant, this display celebrates and showcases the excellence of the Leeds Museums and Galleries sculpture collection. The display unfolds across all of the Sculpture Galleries over the next year.

Sculpture has often been considered in opposition to painting, as concerned with form and not with tone and colour. However, all sculpture is coloured in some way, whether it is inherent to the material or applied over the top and has surface effects, revealed by light, which are integral to the perception of the work.

The Henry Moore Institute curates the Leeds Museums and Galleries’ sculpture collection in partnership with
Leeds Art Gallery. For more information about the exhibition, visit http://www.henry-moore.org.