Charly Wrencher 'Looking Westward'

United Galleries Perth

Charly Wrencher Looking Westward opens on 27th March, 2008.

Art Exhibition previously on at United Galleries in Australia.
From Thursday 27 March 2008 to Wednesday 07 May 2008
Launch Thursday 27 March 2008, Opening Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 6PM Saturday 10.30am - 4PM Sunday By Appointment Only

Charly Wrencher 'Looking Weatward' image

Published by anonymous on Monday 17 March 2008.
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Byron bay based artist, Charly Wrencher has painted the varying characters of the Australian landscape over a 20 year career. A finalist in the Wynne Prize, Wrencher experiments with a variety of technique and approaches to capture a progressive mood and effect.

His latest body of work, Looking Westward is about breaking out of my the limitations of form and perception of what a landscape should comprise. He focuses more on the interaction of colour and random shape to create a sense of place, rather than a direct pictorial representation. “Australia is such a vast country so fresh and untamed. By painting this land I feel a freedom and a connection to it and myself. We are truly in the land of Dream Time with unlimited opportunities. Having a show in Perth is very much out of my comfort zone and has given me an chance to put together a show which reflects my observations of the Australian landscape which for me is a journey.”

Charly Wrencher Looking Westward opens on 27th March, 2008.