Toi Aotearoa

Explore the Gallery's permanent collection in one of the largest and most absorbing presentations of New Zealand art. Travel from the present day back to the 1600s, uncovering the creativity and cultural diversity of New Zealanders. Discover their preoccupations with identity, migration and the land.

Art Exhibition previously on at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o T?maki in New Zealand.
From Saturday 03 September 2011 to Wednesday 31 December 2014

Fakalava (The cross) image Residue image The simplest surrealist act (André Breton) image Day Care Walkabouts image Valley of the Fruitcakes image Psycho image Halo of Love image Smoke Train image Portrait of a life cast of Tou Taloa (painted), Samoa image Portrait of a life cast of Tou Taloa (left profile, painted), Samoa image Astruc image Christchurch (Corridor) image Auckland (Mount Eden) image Dunedin (Landscape) image Auckland (One Tree Hill) image Auckland (Model) image Christchurch (Mask) image Christchurch (Icicles) image Body Parts - Beach, Bush and Garden image In A Far Away Country image

Published by Amy Cooper on Friday 01 February 2013.
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Begin your journey among video, photography, sculpture and painting by contemporary New Zealand artists. See Michael Parekowhai’s sculpture, The Indefinite Article, which – layered with meaning – was first exhibited when he was just 21.

Continue to the period 1900 to 1965 and find paintings by Colin McCahon and Rita Angus. Encounter Ralph Hotere’s horizon-spanning mural, Godwit/Kuaka, which for many years greeted travellers arriving at Auckland International Airport.

Further on, discover how New Zealanders first saw themselves and their lands. Via early European impressions of the islands to Goldie and Lindauer’s classic portraits of M?ori and P?keh?, reach both the beginning and the end of this story of New Zealand art.

Ground / Level 1
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