Sound & Vision

Sarah Duyshart | Emma Lashmar | Ross Manning

Curated by Lauren Simmonds, Sound & Vision brings together installations that trigger our senses through light, sound and vibration. The artists Emma Lashmar, Sarah Duyshart and Ross Manning use materials such as water, glass, flour and paper alongside amplifiers, sensors and microphones to completely inhabit the gallery space.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 01 March 2013 to Sunday 31 March 2013

Ross Manning, Binary Star 2013. Mixed media. Installation view, Counihan Gallery image Emma Lashmar, 100/1 (detail), 2010. Glass and thread. Installation view, MARS Gallery, Melbourne.  image Sarah Duyshart, Sift 2013. Mixed media, sound. Installation view, Counihan Gallery.  image

Published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 02 February 2013.
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These immersive installations prompt us to think about how we listen, absorb and respond to various phenomena such as ambient light or constant sound, while also considering the dynamics between technology and contemporary life.

Public Programs
Saturday 16 March, 2.30pm | Make your own musical instrument
Workshop & Interactive Performance

Dale Gorfinkel is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, instrument maker, artist and educator. He is interested in finding fresh ways of presenting and making music. On 16 March, he will introduce participants to his automated sound sculptures and his hybrid trumpet. Think Inspector Gadget meets Dr Seuss.
Bookings essential. Tel. 9389 8622 or

Thursday 21 March 6pm |Sunset Sound Walk
Ever fancied a guided tour around your neighbourhood? Seeing the streets from someone else’s perspective? Take a Sunset Sound Walk with Sounds Like Movement (Dale Gorfinkel & Peter Fraser).
Bookings essential. Tel. 9389 8622 or

Saturday 23 March, 2.30 pm | Gallery Floor talk
Join curator Lauren Simmonds and artist Sarah Duyshart as they discuss the exhibition Sound & Vision.

Watch this space | Performances on the Town Hall Plinth in conjunction with the Sound & Vision exhibition
Join us each Saturday for a series of experimental music, sound and performance events on the Brunswick Town Hall Plinth.

Thursday 28 February, 6pm | Exhibition Opening – Cumbia Cosmonauts
Known for making each live performance a unique visual and sonic adventure featuring lasers, synthesizers, space-surf guitar, silver jumpsuits and Afro-Colombian rhythms, join them for the Opening night.

Sunday 3 March, 1.45 & 3pm | The Prophets
The Prophets are the originators of the Stylefree Movement. Dressed in home made masks and costumes, they play raw grooves with multiple saxes, drums, percussion, balafons, melodicas, guitars, xylophones, MPCs and basses.

Saturday 9 March, 2 – 4pm | Ros Bandt – Passing through: sound installation and story sharing
Where are you going? Where have you been? What does Sydney Road mean to you? How has Sydney Road changed over the years? Share your story in text, in sound, or on camera. Join Ros Bandt, upon the plinth, in giving voice to Brunswick. Stories recorded on one of Australia’s oldest streets can be heard in headphones while she collects stories from passers by. Assisted by Minako Kanda

Saturday 16 March, 2 – 4pm | Disorienteering – Soundtracks for watching the time go by
Zoe Scoglio and Cait Foran create participatory experiences that provoke social exchange and make more palpable the connections between people and the space around them.

Thursday 21 March, 5.30pm | Peter Fraser – Sounds Like Movement
A performance with Peter Fraser with sound by Dale Gorfinkel. In his performing, Peter Fraser likes to explore the body, and its environment, as if it is unknown – to make apparent the ‘gaps’ in everyday experience where something new can appear.

Saturday 23 March, 2pm | Autonomous Black
A collaboration between Paul Irving and Chip Wardale who will perform an ambient experimental sound performance