Shorty Jangala Robertson: Water Dreaming

With their rhythmic curves depicting floodwaters carving the land, small bands of colour denoting dense rain clouds and freely painted circles for water soakage sites, Shorty Jangala Robertson’s shimmering canvases have, for many years, related the powerful ‘water dreaming’ (Ngapa Jukurrpa) of Puyurru near his western desert birthplace.

Art Exhibition previously on at McCulloch & McCulloch in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 12 February 2013 to Friday 01 March 2013

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Published by McCulloch & McCulloch on Friday 15 February 2013.
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Now in these times of climate change, flood and drought, the ‘water dreaming’ works of this senior western desert artist are more relevant and telling than ever.

The fabulous recent photo of the mid 80-year-old Robertson wearing his “I’m not perfect, just awesome” Tshirt, captures his independence and vivacity. It has been a huge hit with 1000 + views on the Facebook page of his art centre Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendumu. NT.

We invite you to view our special selection of work by this senior and important artist – a long time favourite of ours and whose works are in numerous leading public and private collections.