Cabinet of Cities. Invisible Curiosities.

What do you get when you cross an invisible city with a cabinet of curiosities?

Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 12 February 2013 to Friday 15 March 2013

Cabinet of Cities. Invisible Curiosities. image Cabinet of Cities. Invisible Curiosities. image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 28 February 2013.
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Well, a cabinet of cities and invisible curiosities, of course.

This exhibition combines the imagined world of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and the primitive visual representation of Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The animals within Seba’s collection were preserved and then once removed through the process of illustrative documentation. Like making a copy of a tape from a tape, sometimes some of the detail gets lost. Similarly, Calvino’s novel used the travel diaries of Marco Polo as a foundation to re-imagine into his own fantastical narrative.

Everything here is a representation of itself, lost from the imagination of its creators and reformed once more through another means of interpretation. Rather than constructing tiny landscapes, tiny objects that transcend imagined landscapes and connect back to naïve notions of existence on earth have been created.