Tatjana Plitt

Blaze is a series of photographs that recreate the imaginary world of ‘Mills and Boon,’ using real couples who strike a romantic pose in their own domestic environments. In this reconstruction of the climactic, romantic moment, their gestures become performance, their personal belongings become props; artifice in the simulation of a shared, manufactured dream.

Art Exhibition previously on in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 28 June 2008 to Sunday 20 July 2008
Launch Saturday 28 June 2008, 6-8pm

Moonlit Surrender image

Published by anonymous on Friday 21 March 2008.
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The couples in these works are caught in a space between the dream and the real…..

What role do fantasy, performance and simulation play in the ‘real’ romantic moment? Are the emotions evoked by the vicarious experience of the romantic moment (through the consumption of a narrative) as real, and as valid, as the actual experience of the romantic moment?

Blaze resides at the intersection between documentary and staged photography. In a world where sublime, hyper-real imagery dictates the aesthetic of dreams and the ideal, grittier, lower quality images are associated with the notion of truth and the real. A slick, professional aesthetic is deliberately fused with an ‘amateur porn’ aesthetic, leaving the viewer to negotiate the slippery territory between the dream and the real.

Popular romance novels address real problems and tensions in their reader’s relationships, functioning as a site for the provocation and neutralisation of anxieties, fears and desires. Blaze weaves the contemporary Australian narratives of its couples, with their real anxieties and desires, into the world of Mills and Boon……so that the mundane, utopian and ridic


Queensland Centre for Photography
33 Oxford Street,
Bulimba QLD

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