Portraiture in Focus & Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation

The three artists in the current exhibition, Portraiture in Focus all investigate the portrait. All are women who have been making art over a lengthy period and all have worked at some stage on portraits and the self. Drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation by Janet Mackenzie explores the psychological and geological landscapes of Scotland and Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Langford 120 in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 23 March 2013 to Sunday 21 April 2013
Launch Saturday 23 March 2013, 2pm -4pm

Becoming Mr. Squiggle by Helen Sturgess image Albert Tucker  image Glance by Anita Taylor image Trees II by Janet McKenzie  image

Published by anonymous on Friday 22 March 2013.
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Irene Barberis in this exhibition portrays herself confronting herself with a book in one hand and long brushes [sword-like] in the other; cavalier one could say, or perhaps she throws the question at us – “what actually is self?” Alongside the life size self portrait laser cut-outs, are a series of sensitive and direct works of her artist friends and family drawn and painted from life over many years. Each work has a textual story written of it underscoring the way she understands the open-endedness of all art process, no matter how conventional it seems.

Anita Taylor’s large-scale drawings explore the nature and relationship of the female subject from the perspective of both artist and model. Through the encounter and act of drawing, the nature of self-representation and identity is explored, and the resultant portrayal becomes a description or disclosure of an inherent paradox as a mind reveals the form it inhabits.

Helen Sturgess’ works utilizes a broad range of media from bronze to plasticine, to watercolour. She weaves together storytelling, memory and history both personal and collective, combining traditional and contemporary practices. Sturgess transforms the material and objects into a reflection of the self’s internal landscapes, exploring psychological terrain through drawing, sculpture and installation.

Drawing on Two Worlds, was conceived by Janet McKenzie in 2009, after 22 years of living in Scotland, having settled from Australia in 1987. The landscape always existed in her artwork, yet it was only on moving to Scotland in 1987 that she found within her ancestral homeland the shapes and spiritual forms which related intrinsically to her own work. Her work however, also centres on the role of nurturer and observer of natural phenomena, as in her The Osgood Suite, a series of 10 paintings, where paint is applied as distinct mark-making, alluding to the role of “Drawing as Exploration”. Embarkation, her latest work in this project, is a site-specific spatial drawing, using knitted banners hung together and sited within the landscape. Her works in this current exhibition are vital elements in her practice, which in turn informs the wider project.

From the Foreword of MSBS Portraiture in Focus & drawing on Two Worlds: Embarkation by Stephen Farthing


120 Langford Street, North Melbourne, 3051