Sweet Obsolete

new works by Tai Snaith

Snaith’s large works on paper and small sculptures continue her exploration of the personal depicted through the still life. Featuring obsolete objects that no longer serve a day to day purpose Snaith´s works explore the lost beauty in things past.

Art Exhibition previously on in Prahran precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 13 March 2013 to Saturday 13 April 2013

Interior, 2012. image The Practice of Everyday Life image Fistful of Wishes, 2012. image Perceived Obsolescence image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 26 March 2013.
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‘Snaith treads gently and cautiously: examining artefacts, documenting them, and exploring how these, ‘things’, relate to each other and whether they can give each other new meaning and value, outside of attributing to the worlds ever growing collection of material objects and inevitable trash.´

(Ace Wagstaff, 2013)


Helen Gory Galerie
25 St. Edmonds Rd Prahran