Around Photography: An Artists' Forum

In the realm of the 'post medium condition', how does a distinctly photographic sensibility transcend the photographic image and inform other material, sculptural and spatial outcomes?

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 08 May 2013 to Wednesday 08 May 2013
Launch Wednesday 08 May 2013, 6-8pm

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Published by CCP on Friday 29 March 2013.
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As the ultimate social medium photography has acquired an immediate and accessible omnipresence and has become embedded in our collective consciousness as a ‘filter’ for seeing and thinking. How, then, do photographic artists take this contemporary reality into their individual practice? When put into practice, is it possible for photographic ways of seeing and thinking to transcend the medium altogether?

In conjunction with Jo Scicluna’s solo exhibition, When Our Horizons Meet, ‘Around Photography: An Artists’ Forum’ was initiated by Scicluna as a means to address and reinforce notions, methods and outcomes informing her new body of work exhibited at CCP.

Established as a community resource, Around Photography will be presented by artists for artists, as an expansive departure point for further dialogue. The panel of artists will discuss individual definitions of core photographic terms in light of their respective practices and the processes and outcomes that, as spatial and material transgressions, they extend beyond the medium. It is hoped that throughout this process that they will discover common (and contentious) trajectories of deviation from their photographic base.

The focus of this dialogue-driven forum is practical and conceptual. Throughout their discussion each artist will weave through the following themes: the role of the photograph as a sculptural, material object; the inherent ‘psychology’ of the photograph; the relationship between representation and abstraction in photography; the evolving nature of the photographic index; and the role of, and attitude toward, the photographic document.

Put simply, ‘Around Photography’ aims to extend upon the definition and parameters of photographic practice.

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