Peter Milne: Personal Hygiene

'Personal Hygiene’ is an exhibition of large scale photomontages made from Peter’s personal archive of original photographs, his collection of found photographs, vintage postcards, and a government brochure on ‘Bowel Function After Surgery’ supplied to the artist.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 05 April 2013 to Saturday 27 April 2013
Launch Thursday 04 April 2013, 6-8pm

Personal Hygiene, Part One, Human Relations, 2012 (detail) image 'Personal Hygiene, Part Three: Health Food of the Nation’, detail image

Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Saturday 30 March 2013.
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When I awoke from surgery and read the brochure, I had no dramatic memory flashes or important insights, just the sad realisation that I was wounded and vulnerable. Personal Hygiene is the series of visual revelations that should have come to me to provide comfort at this time of need. It didn’t happen that way, so I had to invent these memories for myself.

Each image in the exhibition has a particular emphasis but also with shared and recurring themes. The most obvious shared subject is effectively illustrated through the relationship of humans to other Primates. ‘T he work is a personal response to some of the hopelessly shabby truths that are defining features of the human species but also an attempt to address this in a positive, humorous way through the prism of our relationship to other Primates.

Playfulness and humour; both light and dark, play a strong role in the work of Peter Milne, as does the grotesque. Images of puffy white clouds against blue skies in picturesque landscapes with cute inhabitants, are flanked by vulgar images of medical and scientific procedures tested on Chimps. Personified primates and smiling couples sit side by side atom bomb explosions and images of facial mutilations from pet primates. Peter continues his exploration of a kitsch Australia, political satire and celebrity in this series. Post-apocalyptic skies over iconic Melbournian buildings, the ‘Moomba Festival’ and other fine details draw on the experiences of his early years in Melbourne.

Peter Milne is a Melbourne-born (Brisbane-based) photomedia artist with a special interest in visual, historical allegory. Recent solo exhibitions have included: Running Dogs – Australia’s Media Magnates at the Brisbane Powerhouse and Brief Shining Moment at the Horsham Regional Gallery in Victoria. His work was included in Political Photomedia in Queensland at the Colour Factory Gallery and The State We’re In at the University of Queensland Art Museum and has been short listed for the 2013 Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award at the Gold Coast City Art Gallery. In 2011 the Queensland Centre for Photography published a monograph of Peter Milne’s photographs: Beautiful Lies: Notes Towards A History Of Australia. He is represented by M.33, Melbourne.