Renewal! A symposium by Ctrl-Z - New Media Philosophy

Ctrl-Z discusses new modes of citizenship in our social media saturated time. Invited speakers include artists, writers, academics and public figures, who will be in conversation with a general audience. Tickets available online.

Art Exhibition previously on at 1000 £ Bend in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 13 April 2013 to Sunday 13 January 2013
Launch Saturday 13 April 2013, 10:00

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Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Thursday 04 April 2013.
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Presented by Centre for Culture & Technology (CCAT), Curtin University, Media and Communications, Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), La Trobe University and School of Culture & Communication, University of Melbourne

Who cares if we are ‘post-’? The question is, What might we be ‘pre-’?

And what (to raise a question that must always remain open in view of what always remains to come) might that ‘pre-’ be? At a time of increasing social and technological complexity, what are we becoming? What is becoming, for example, of our cities, of nationhood, of publics … if we are all now user-producers and globally networked ‘friends’?

If we are all ‘new’ citizens today, in the era of social media, social networks and user-generated content, what forms might ‘new citizenship’ take in the future? If we are always ‘on’ (online, plugged in, available), what is to become of solitude, of privacy? And why are media now ‘social’? Hasn’t sociality defined the history of media? If not, is it now arriving? Are we witnessing its ‘pre’-sentment?

Such provocations inform the theme of renewal to be discussed by a range of invited speakers (including artists, writers, academics and public figures) in conversation with a general audience.

Tix online $20
$25 (full) $20 (concession) @ the door