Touch Me

It's nice to be felt

METRO ARTS GALLERIES PROGRAM 2008 Touch Me is a new installation for confined space. Felt arms dangle from the roof and fill the room, inviting the viewer to play and questioning the degree to which the human subject is an agent of the work’s desire to be known.

Art Exhibition previously on in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Wednesday 23 April 2008 to Saturday 10 May 2008
Launch Wednesday 23 April 2008, 6 - 8pm

Touch Me image

Published by anonymous on Monday 24 March 2008.
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Sue-Ching Lascelles is a Brisbane-based textile and soft-sculpture artist whose work explores the perceptual experiences of childhood.


Metro Arts Galleries
109 Edward Street
Monday – Friday 10am – 4:30pm
Saturday 2pm – 5pm