Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

Thresholds for Disorientation

Thresholds for Disorientation at Langford 120 (27 April – 26 May 2013) comprises ten large-scale and several medium-sized geometric abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Her new body of work explores issues of reflection and spatial deformation

Art Exhibition previously on at Langford 120 in Australia.
From Saturday 27 April 2013 to Sunday 26 May 2013

Golden streak image Off-kilter image Topsy-turvy image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 28 April 2013.
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. In this show, oblique structures, fragmented abstract forms and reflective materials are investigated in connection to contemporary architecture and urban space. Adamson-Pinczewski contends, “that abstraction is not simply formal or decorative, it has the potential to be psychological and unnerving.” She observes that “we are currently living in an increasingly unsettled and sped up world, and my paintings operate as visual metaphors for instability and flux.”