Lisa Roet: Monkey Grip

Melbourne-based artist Lisa Roet is internationally recognised for producing works of art using primates as her central theme and inspiration. Including sculpture, etchings, drawings, photography and animation, this exhibition displays the committed and multidisciplinary approach Roet brings to her ongoing preoccupation with apes and monkeys.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 19 July 2013 to Sunday 01 September 2013

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Published by anonymous on Monday 06 May 2013.
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Entitled Monkey Grip, the exhibition highlights the role of the artist as a researcher and advocate, and a thematic drive that advances the close proximities and perplexing relationship between simian and human. Isolation, confinement, criminality, genetic proximity, communication systems, science fiction and humour are just some of the themes and issues explored by the artist in her richly layered practice spread over 20 years.

Curated by Victor Griss, Curator, Deakin University, Lisa Roet: Monkey Grip is a poignant exposé of our closest relatives and a timely reminder of their ongoing significance in a rapidly shrinking world.

A Deakin University Art Gallery touring exhibition.