Cornelius Cardew Doco + Mattin

Luke Fowler's 2006 documentary Pilgrimage from Scattered Points addresses the English composer Cornelius Cardew, who formed Scratch Orchestra with Michael Parsons and Howard Skempton in 1968.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Australia.
From Thursday 09 May 2013 to Thursday 09 May 2013

Cornelius Cardew Doco + Mattin

Published by Institute of Modern Art on Tuesday 07 May 2013.
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Their draft constitution, published in The Musical Times in June 1969, set out the framework for the orchestra’s work, proposing a fluid community where students, office workers, amateur musicians, and professional composers would gather for performance, music making, and edification.

Following the screening—and in response to it—Mattin will perform. The Basque artist spent the last decade establishing a distinctive practice in noise and improvisational music. His work pays homage to the histories of these genres, while undertaking a provocative, often humorous interrogation of their rules and claims—the proposed anti-sociality of noise, the implicit ‘freedom’ of improvisation.

The Fowler screening is a joint project with OtherFilm. Mattin’s performance is a joint project with Disembraining. His visit has been assisted by the Australia Council.