2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art

Handle with Care

Curated by respected Sydney-base curator, Felicity Fenner, Handle with Care examines both in thematic content and in material form, the fragile nature of our relationships with the socio-cultural and natural environments in which we live, through a range of media from paintings to video art.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of South Australia in Australia.
From Saturday 01 March 2008 to Sunday 04 May 2008

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Published by Art Gallery of South Australia on Tuesday 25 March 2008.
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Anxiety over nature and the environment, cultural traditions and beliefs being eroded, our psychological and spiritual health under threat… The 2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Handle with Care explores artists’ responses to aspects of contemporary life that have the potential to generate disquiet, to divide communities and incite debate.

The Adelaide Biennial began in 1990 and is the flagship visual arts event of the Adelaide Festival of Arts. It is the nation’s pre-eminent survey of contemporary Australian art showcasing up-to- the-minute works by established and emerging artists from around the country. All works in the display have been created since the previous Festival of Arts in March 2006. For the first time, none of the Biennial artists has been represented in past Adelaide Biennials. Curated by Felicity Fenner.