Judy Millar: Be Do Be Do Be Do

Every time I make a painting I'm dragging the whole history of painting with me.—Judy Millar. Post-expressionist painter Judy Millar is a paradox. She seems to do everything she can to distance herself from the old idea of the authentic, expressive painting. She has made candy-coloured, heroically-scaled, parodic abstract-expressionist paintings.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Fortitude Valley precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 08 June 2013 to Saturday 27 July 2013

The Rainbow Loop image The Hierarchy Problem  image The Path of Luck image

Published by Institute of Modern Art on Monday 13 May 2013.
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She has blown-up her painterly gestures using a billboard printer. She has attached these printed ‘paintings’ to giant sculptural supports (so it’s hard to tell if her painterly gestures are in competition or cahoots with the support). Now she is handpainting enlarged halftone dots.

Recently asked if she was trying to denature or dehumanise the brushstroke, Millar explained, ’I’m not trying to dehumanise it. If anything I’m trying to rehumanise it. I’m trying to give it more authority. Despite the absurd scale, you still relate to the work through your body.’ Regardless of her apparent efforts to put expressive painting in scare quotes, Millar’s works continue to engage to court affect. They attest to the incredible resilience and efficacy of painting—a medium that has survived (but been transformed by) its many ‘deaths’.

IMA Director Robert Leonard says, ‘Judy Millar’s paintings are roller-coasters and gymnasiums for the eye.’

For her show Be Do Be Do Be Do, Millar will create three site-specific painting installations, filling the IMA. Largely produced in situ, Millar plans to work with local painting students to help her complete the giant works.

Millar, who represented New Zealand in the 2009 Venice Biennale, now splits her time between Auckland and Berlin. She is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland; Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney; Hamish Morrison Gallerie, Berlin; and and Galerie Mark Muller, Zurich.

Millar will be available for interviews from Wednesday 29 May until Saturday 8 June. For further information contact Karike Ashworth (“media@ima.org.au”mailto:media@ima.org.au).