Daniel von Sturmer: After Images

Gallery Three

In After Images the shadows of a set of subjectively 'important artefacts' (a business card, a phone, a letter...) are presented alongside generic objects from the studio, for example: a bin, some tape, a ruler... Presented at 1:1 scale, the images propose a kind of transference;

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 24 May 2013 to Wednesday 17 July 2013

After Images image

Published by CCP on Monday 27 May 2013.
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The object itself may be insignificant but its subjective meaning carries weight, and its shadow leaves a space the viewer fills with their own reading.

Photographed using a specially constructed ‘set’ to enable the separation of an object from its shadow, the resulting image stands alone, separated from its object yet inextricably bound to the realm of signification from which it has been cast.