Through the eye of a needle

group exhibition - Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney

An exhibition of work by artists who incorporate elements of stitching, sewing, weaving, pattern-making or embroidery in their wider art practice.

Art Exhibition previously on in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 28 March 2008 to Tuesday 08 April 2008

Through the eye of a needle image

Published by anonymous on Friday 28 March 2008.
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The slippery line between art and craft, is one that has been questioned and attacked by artists for many years. The artists in this exhibition each take different elements from both traditions to create fascinating works, which are simultaneously beautiful, tactile, provocative and ultimately quite difficult to pin down.

The exhibition presents the work of twelve artists:
Linden Braye, Sophia Egarchos, Kath Fries, Chrissie Ianssen, Mick James, Shannon Johnson, Virginia Mawer, Daphne Molony, Michele Morcos, Adrianne Tasker, Alex Weare and Megan Yeo.

“Thread, fabric, needles and wool are all items of the everyday. Domestic and familiar, they are materials that educe no attention or consideration although they surround us on a daily basis. At a time when the effects of mass production and consumption are increasingly becoming mainstream concerns, how is it that such items continue to be unseen? If such objects are removed from familiar sites and are represented in new and different forms, what difference does it make to how we think about domestic objects? In Through the eye of the needle domestic items and materials are reinterpreted and reassembled to create works that raise questions about our personal relationship with objects in a society of mass production and consumption."
Megan Robson, extract from catalogue essay, March 2008


Gaffa Gallery
1/7 Randle St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
12 – 6pm, Monday to Sunday