Objects in Space 2008

A NEXT WAVE Festival Event 2008

Running from the 15th till the 31st of May 2008 Objects in space presents 20 artists in as many galleries and arts space as part of the NEXTWAVE Festival in Melbourne Victoria, 2008. Generously supported by the NextWave Kickstart Program, Arts Victoria and the City of Melbourne

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 15 May 2008 to Saturday 31 May 2008
Launch Tuesday 13 May 2008, PROJECT LAUNCH 6 PM – 8 PM VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 40 Dodds St, Southbank, Vic

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 30 March 2008.
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“Objects in Space is lots of art in lots of places; a scattered colonisation of quiet moments spread throughout numerous galleries across the city.

The individual works in Objects in Space will not be limited to the main drag of the ‘white cube’, instead they will be lying in wait in the unexpected corners and functional spaces of each gallery. Turn your sense of adventure on high alert for this treasure hunt of art. Peeking out from stairs, perching on roofs and scurrying around the storerooms, you will have to be savvy to catch this show. An accompanying interactive catalogue and website can be used as a map to point you in the right direction.

Objects in Space showcases the work of over twenty young artists and architects in as many gallery spaces throughout Melbourne. The works in this exhibition defy the expectations of a conventional group show, by creating a network across the city, a network that forms a parasitic and miniaturized version of the 2008 Next Wave Festival.”


Andrew Atchison, Imogen Beynon, Kel Glaister, Tamsin Green, Ardi Gunawan, Hao Guo, Sarah Holbery, Tanja Kimme, Yvette King, Amy Marjoram, Alex Martinis Roe, Anna-Maria O’Keefe, Ben Milbourne, Stephen Palmer, Simon Pericich, Micheal Pryor , Nathan Pye, Ben Raynor, Thea Rechner, Carl Scrase, Julian Tuckett, Renee Ugazio, Melanie Upton, Keith Wong


Blindside, Bus, Conical, CCP, Craft Victoria, Gertrude CAS, Joint Hassles, Kings ARI, Ocular Lab, Off the Kerb, Meat Market, Platform, Seventh, Shifted, TCB art inc., The Narrows, Trocadero,


see website : www.objectsinspace.net