Arafura Craft Exchange


The Arafura Craft Exchange introduces audiences to remarkable examples of contemporary craft from Indonesia and Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin precinct, Northern Territory, Australia.
From Saturday 12 July 2008 to Sunday 18 January 2009

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 02 April 2008.
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Mr Sudjud Dartanto Lecturer, Craft Art Department at the esteemed Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, is Guest Curator for Arafura Craft Exchange Ceramics 2008, the second in a series of triennial exhibitions. In 2007 Mr Sudjud Dartanto undertook studio visits with a select number of Australian and Indonesian ceramicists, including local artist Harvey Ottley, with a view for inclusion in the exhibition. The result is an exhibition of stunning contemporary ceramic practice featuring wild colours, emotive forms, elaborate concepts and sometimes comical themes.


Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory