Art with a Purpose

An Art Exhibit Supporting The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, with works by Shepard Fairey, Glen E. Friedman, Marcus Jansen and Nava Atlas. This Exhibit is as much a study of the artwork presented as it is a personification of how each artist has used their art as a platform for their activism.

Art Exhibition previously on at Rush Arts Gallery in United States.
From Thursday 27 June 2013 to Thursday 27 June 2013
Launch Thursday 27 June 2013, 06:00 PM

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Peter Max’s iconic work as an artist and his dedication to “loving all and serving all,” inspired an exploration of “Ahimsa” as one of the principles that contextualizes the artwork in this Exhibit by focusing on the benefits of plant based living which, by its nature, does no harm to animals.

What is tremendously exciting about the Exhibit is the diversity of voices, media, perspectives, and approaches to this general theme. Like many skilled writers describing a sunrise, each artist was given wide latitude to decide how to interpret a plant based lifestyle symbolized as visual art. What has emerged from the artists’ responses to the challenge posed is a jambalaya of visual peace, warning, and inspiration.

From the legendary photo of iconic photographer Glen E. Friedman’s shot of Fugazi, whose lead singer is a vegan, to Marcus Jansen’s surreal urban expressionistic work, there is a visual dialogue about assuaging the destructive forces that are decimating our planet. From iconic graphic artist, Shepard Fairey’s extraordinary works which reawaken a sense of wonder about our environment, to Nava Atlas’ photography wherein she courageously combines the roles of: observer, protestor, and artist and at once makes a powerful statement about unconscionable farming practices, the art invites the viewers to reflect on “Ahimsa” as it relates to their own lives.

~ Sheryl Renee Dobson, Curator