Pat Brassington | David Burnett | Robert Besanko

Winter Season 2013

The Australian Centre for Photography Winter Season 2013 presents three exhibitions by photographers exploring the varying and diverse aspects of the photographic medium ranging from surrealism to photojournalism.

Art Exhibition previously on at Australian Centre for Photography in Paddington precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 01 June 2013 to Sunday 18 August 2013

Bill Clinton, during his reelection campaign, at event in Springfield,MA, 1996 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 25 June 2013.
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Pat Brassington À Rebours brings together significant works from the artist’s career, which spans three decades. Brassington was one of the first artists to recognise the potential of digital photography, all the while referencing the tradition of surrealist photography.

David Burnett is recognised as a key figure in photojournalism. He was one of the last photojournalists to cover the Vietnam War for Life magazine and is one of the few photographers who has created images of all US presidents since JFK. The Presidents: from JFK to Obama is shown in partnership with Reportage Festival.

In the sixth instalment of Robert Besanko’s Contemplations, a project revealed monthly over a twelve month period, audiences are invited to contemplate the unique differences between traditional analogue photography and new digital representations of the works.