Slow Canoe no.15: obstructs

We have a very special Slow Canoe on Friday July 19, brought to you by La Trobe's Centre for Creative Arts. This is our first event at the almost new Top Shelf Gallery, overlooking Lonsdale Street, and the first event for which we've commissioned all new work: we present new film, stories, music, theatre and illustration.

Art Exhibition previously on at Top Shelf Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 19 July 2013 to Friday 19 July 2013
Launch Friday 19 July 2013, 07.00pm

Slow Canoe no.15: obstructs image

Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Wednesday 03 July 2013.
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But not only have we commissioned all the pieces, we’ve had our artists rework Ernest Hemingway’s story Hills Like White Elephants, each with their own set of rules, guidelines and obstructions. Come along to find out how they’ve been guided and misguided, and to see what they do with the most untouchable of Hemingway stories.

The line-up:

Stories by Miles Vertigan, author of Life Kills, published by Sleepers and Cassandra Atherton, author of The Man Jar.

Film by Kim Munro, who I hope will be using footage from her upcoming visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. See Kim’s work here.

Music by James Kenyon—listen to his album The North Pole here.

Illustration by the Jacky Winter Group artist Soft Science.

And we’ll be presenting something of a dramatisation of the original text of Hills Like White Elephants, as arranged by theatre maker Angus Keech.