A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution

From the ‘Votes for Women’ campaigns of the early 20th century to the recent Occupy movements, political activists around the world have used posters to mobilise, educate and organise.

Art Exhibition previously on at Victoria and Albert Museum in United Kingdom.
From Thursday 01 May 2014 to Sunday 02 November 2014
Launch Thursday 01 May 2014,

A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 11 July 2013.
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Making or displaying a poster is in itself a means of taking political action, while for many social and political movements posters have represented an important form of cultural output. Themes of protest and political participation have gained a powerful contemporary resonance in the wake of the Arab Spring and the global financial crisis. This display looks at a century of posters agitating for political change drawn from the V&A collection, including new acquisitions gathered from recent outbursts of protest.