CHECK OUT HOW GREAT MY FRIENDS ARE is a unique collaborative exhibition uniting installation, fashion, film, painting, performance, photography, sculpture and more. Curator Tamasin Simpkin has assembled a disparate group of 25+ professional, hobbyist and débuting artists.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 07 August 2013 to Saturday 24 August 2013
Launch Wednesday 07 August 2013, 6:30-8:30PM

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Published by The Library Artspace on Thursday 18 July 2013.
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“So many of my friends have phenomenally creative minds. I wanted to get people excited about ideas, to stimulate creativity, to motivate people to just make something!” says Tamasin.

COHGMFA celebrates the unusual and the ordinary. 25 individual artists will present work including portraiture, collage, fashion, furniture, taxidermy, jewellery, set design, video games, video art and interactive installations

The three-week interactive exhibition presents fixed gallery works and special events, including a market day and a pop-up cinema night. Tamasin invites curious community-minded art-lovers to come along and CHECK OUT HOW GREAT MY FRIENDS ARE.

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Exhibiting artists

Tamasin Simpkin – Curator
Celestes Blewitt
Tim Burgin
Ashleigh Easton
Xenon Ellis
Glen Van Goldby
Michelle Gregson
Ruth Gregson
Ben Hall
Zoe Lea Harrold
Phoebe Hartley
Thom Holland
Sonja Lampinen
Ashton Rose Langdon
Allisa Luxford
Corey Mansfield
Hope Mathumbu
Jen McAuliffe
Caroline McCurdy
Monique Morter
Holly Preston
Cesar Salmeron
Georgina Steele
Sam Woud

Total 24 artists plus the following performers and exhibitors on event days:

Zoe Goddard
Michael Crowe
Michael Deuwarder
David Rusanow

Tamasin Simpkin – Curator

Tamasin has always been drawn to endeavours that involve creative collaboration. Working in the film and television industry for almost seven years she has had the opportunity to assist in facilitating and managing productions including but not limited to; Underbelly, House Husbands, Rush, It’s a Date, The Eye of the Storm, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, I Love You Too and The Loved Ones. She has also been avidly involved in creating independent productions; producing short films that have screened internationally, many of which have been short listed for or received awards. She is excited to have recently been offered the opportunity to combine her professional and independent experience, with her first Producing role on commercially released long form content to take place later this year.
Her involvement in visual and performing art has also played an important part in her life. After leaving University, where she studied Film & Photography, she took part in numerous group exhibitions including her hand painted photographic series ‘Innocence’ being exhibited at Brunswick Street Gallery, and video installation ‘Shop Shop Shop’ exhibited as a finalist in the Toyota Community Spirit Emerging Artists Competition. She has also been a member of comedic dance troupe the ‘Real Hot Bitches’ for almost six years, which has included performing at numerous art galleries, being the support act for bands, and holding Fringe Festival shows at the Fringe Hub.
As much as Tamasin enjoys the practical elements of coordinating and producing (she has a strange fondness for excel spreadsheets and scheduling) she is also wary of losing touch with her creative side. She knows the key to avoiding this lies in finding like-minded people to collaborate on projects with, and she is lucky enough to have a plethora of potential candidates both in her personal and professional life. It is when Tamasin is bringing together people who are full of ideas and passion, when she is working with them to create something bigger than any individual could achieve alone, then she knows she is doing the right thing with her life.

Celeste Blewitt

Celeste Blewitt works in a broad range of creative roles in costume within the Australian and international film and television sector. She has worked on numerous productions, including but not limited to Jack Irish, The Eye of the Storm, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Killer Elite. She has also worked as lead designer and stylist in the realms of TVCs, music videos and short films. Her hobbies are an extension of her professional career, creating feather and mixed media headpieces and honing her skills in leatherwork.

Tim Burgin

A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Tim Burgin has worked in a broad range of key creative roles in the film and television sector. As a writer and director Burgin has won several awards nationally and internationally for his short films including the Kodak Script Award and the Special Jury Prize at the Antalya International Film Festival. They have screened on television in Australia and overseas. As a senior art department specialist Burgin has worked on a large body of work including feature films, shorts, installations, TVCs, music videos and documentaries. As a visual artist Burgin’s focus is the production of video works, photographic works, and location specific installations. Locally they have exhibited in The Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Melbourne Writers Festival and most recently Kick Gallery held an exhibition featuring photographic work by Tim and his two collaborators who make up the collective Gadda, Scout & Luxemburg.

Ashleigh Easton

Ashleigh Easton creates wearable art and wall hangings primarily from salvaged materials. Over the last half decade, her fascination with discarded objects has seen her create ranges of jewelry out of everything from children’s toys to credit cards, sold independently worldwide through her Etsy store and at design markets around Melbourne. Since 2007 Easton has been creating custom banners and wall hangings, both textual and graphic, from recycled fabrics. These works are displayed yearly as part of camps at art and music festivals across Australia and New Zealand. Her work explores notions of worth and is often steeped in wry humor.

Xenon Ellis

Xenon is a media and communications student at Deakin University. His studies have included a number of photography units exploring digital presentation and artistic concept. His work from these classes has been shown to prospective students at Deakin University open days and his piece, “Rupert Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes”, is still in storage at his mum’s place because her partner is scared of it. He is interested in exploring the idea of personal place within the world and connecting to others through concepts with which they can relate individually.

Glen Van Goldby

Education: Bachelor of Arts (politics), 2007-2011, Latrobe University
Masters of Urban Horticulture, 2012-present, University of Melbourne

Glen has worked in jewelry retail sales, as a butchers’ apprentice, a shoe maker, a life model, a hotel cleaner, a cook, a builders laborer, a telemarketer, a farm hand, a waiter, a bar tender, IT technical support, IT sales, a social and market researcher, a rickshaw rider, office administration, an art department assistant, a public servant, a driver, nursery propagation technician, a landscape gardener, a horticultural consultant, a documentary presenter, a hypnotist and a mixed media artist.

Previous artworks include Expressions of Sleep, a soft pastel illustration series exploring facial expressions of sleeping subjects, Domestic Dissection, a stop motion series exploring gender identity in the Australian domestic environment, and Call for Peace: a tribute to John and Yoko, a performance piece exploring relationships between artists.

Michelle Gregson

Michelle is a Freelance Outdoor Instructor having studied Outdoor and Environmental Education, minoring in Photojournalism, at La Trobe University. After her course she complete a Diploma of Education majoring in Outdoor Education and minoring in Media. As a profession she takes a variety of clientel into wildness areas of Victoria to hike, white water raft, mountain bike, and ski, among other activities. Whilst instructing those activities she also enjoys sharing knowledge on topics such as minimal impact, human connections with the land, flora and fauna, and historical events, to name a few.

She is passionate about expression through art and gaining inspiration from the outdoors and outdoor experiences. She enjoys using a variety of mediums both on program, trying to encourage her clients to creatively connect to the land through art activities, and off program, creating furniture and jewellery from materials found in the natural environment and exploring themes of nature and her relationship to it through painting and photography.

Ruth Gregson

Education: 2012 – 2013 Certificate 3 Floristry, Box Hill Institute of Tafe
Current – Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration, NMIT

Ruth has years of experience working with flowers and foliage, having had a love for them all her life.
She became a qualified florist in 2013 studying at Box Hill Institute of TAFE, and is on her way to opening her own shop. Ruth has also recently started producing a guerilla style form of art akin to yarn bombing: she creates beautiful bouquets and leaves them in public spaces for people to find (she calls these “Lonely Bouquets”). She is intrigued by making art out of plants and flowers and is looking forward to bring her works into a gallery setting.

Ben Hall

Ben Hall is an Independent filmmaker. His first few years in the Industry involved him running around with a camera in Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Timor, and the Solomon Islands.

His passion for editing has seen him involved in many successful projects including short films,
Switch (two International Awards) and Snapshot (Nominated for Best film at Montreal film festival), feature length documentaries Plasticized and Journey to the 100 man fight and short documentary Home, which was a semi finalist in Focus Forward Films global competition.

He has recently developed a desire to direct and this has included a Wilderbeast video clip, and short films Gore Street (Runner up for the 48hour film festival) and Bread and Butter with Phoebe Hartley.

Zoë Lea Harrold

Education: Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design, Moreton Institute TAFE, Brisbane QLD

Solo exhibition “Girls Girls Girls”, 2006, Rics Bar, Brisbane
Solo exhibition “Mundane in the Membrane”, 2008, The Alibi Room, Brisbane

A fashion designer by profession, Zoe has always dabbled in art. Throughout her 9 years of work in the industry (which included working as a designer at Factory X for labels such as Dangerfield) she has implemented her own artworks as placement prints, textile designs, and also knitted artworks. She recently launched her own range of fashion socks, Unempire, which features knitted designs created from her own original artworks.

Phoebe Hartley

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), RMIT Melbourne

Phoebe is an award-winning film director and screenwriter based in Melbourne.

Her recent short film SWITCH was supported by Screen Australia, and screened at Melbourne International Film Festival 2012, where Phoebe was selected for the Accelerator program. SWITCH has collected two international awards, and screened at numerous festivals locally and overseas, including St Kilda Film Festival 2013, Interfilm Berlin KUKI Festival 2012, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2012, and Hanoi International Film Festival 2012.

Phoebe’s short documentary HOME was a semifinalist in Focus Forward Films’ global competition 2012, and she is the creator of online documentary series EXTRAORDINARY.

In 2012 Phoebe founded Melbourne filmmakers’ collective WHAM BAM with producer Tamasin Simpkin, editor Ben Hall and DOP Cesar Salmeron. The team are in post production on their third short film: an experimental tale entitled ANNA, told entirely in reverse.

Thom Holland

2012: Master of Digital Film, Deakin University, Burwood
2011: Graduate Diploma of Film & Television, Deakin University, Burwood
2007: Fine Arts, Studio Art/Painting, VCA, Melbourne
2006: Bachelor of Arts, Behavioural Studies & Philosophy, Monash University, Caulfield

2007: VCE student exhibition, City campus, Melbourne, painting sequence, 6 pieces
2006: Monash student exhibition, Caulfield campus, Graphic design, 3 pieces

2013: “Sadie’s Bluff” — feature film, Screenplay, production/art design
“Myth & Fable” — Collaborative anthology, Words, illustration, editor-in-chief
“Great Works” — graphic series, Acts I-V, illustrator
“Storm In A Teacup” — graphic novel, Author, concept design, illustration
2012: “The Score” — short film, Writer, director, producer, FX
“Adam’s Consort” — video remixes, Writer, director, FX, soundtrack
“Ed.Is.On” — short film, Grip, lighting/effects, title graphics
“Straight On ‘Til Morning” — music video, Tessa & The Typecast, Director, producer, animation/FX

Sonja Lampinen

Sonja Lampinen has had numerous visual art, print making, painting, sculpture and mixed media installations exhibited in her home country of Finland. In high school Sonja was part of a directing and producing student production that was screened on Finnish television in 2009. She graduated from RMIT Screen and Media program in 2013 and has since written, produced, directed and edited two short films of her own. Over the last two years she has worked in a range of production and art department roles in short films that have been screened nationally in Australia. Besides short film productions Sonja has photographed and filmed at music festivals, including End Of The Line 2012. She has also participated in art exhibitions, including assisting Rachel Feery at the Northern Lights Exhibition at Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre in March 2013.

Ashton Rose Langdon

Education: 2 years at Whitehouse Institute of Design studying a Bachelor of Fashion Design

Recent Works: Part of the Graduate Exhibition (1st and 2nd year) of Whitehouse institute of Design (2010-2011) 2010: 1 piece 2011: 3 pieces

Part of Psychedelic Art Team called ‘Luminaya” (2012-2013) Creating an Art installation at festivals (Eclipse, Woodford folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Island Vibes, Uplift Festival)
Constructing an 11 metre tall half circle Dome, and making Visual Shows and art gallery inside, selling merchandise, art prints and presenting works.

Photography Works:
Whitehouse Institute of Design: Fashion shoots, runway and scene photography, official website photography, Melbourne
Luminaya: stock and production Photography, Northern NSW
Uplift Festival: Official Website Photography, Byron Bay
Silkz Designs: Fashion shoot, stock photography, Byron Bay
Chanel Baran Photographics: Collaboration on various projects, fashion shoots, Byron Bay
Global Vintage Collective: Stock and fashion shoot, Melbourne
Unempire: Stock and launch fashion shoot

Lisa Cohan Photography:
Currently interning for Lisa (2 days a week), reconstructing her personal website, Photography Assistant on shoots for Country Style, Vogue Living, Southwood Furniture Design etc.

Alissa Luxford

Alissa Luxford is a Melbourne based costume art finisher working in film, television and theatre through out Australia and internationally. Luxford studied costume design at Swinburne University. Her art finishing background has led her to explore decay through a variety of methods and mediums.

Wearable Art, Group Exhibition, 2010, Sale Gallery
Behind The Seams, Group Exhibition, 2009, Swinburne University

Definition: The process of artificial impairment aging and decay to objects, garments and textiles.

The Rover 2013, Feature Film
Nowhere Boys 2013, ABC Television Series
I Frankenstein 2012, Feature Film
A Place to Call Home 2012, Channel 7 Television Series
English Theatre Berlin 2011, Theatre Company, Berlin, Germany
Carpe Diem 2011, Theatre Company, Berlin, Germany

Corey Mansfield

A graduate with Honours of the Flinders University of South Australia, Corey Mansfield has worked in a broad range of key creative roles in the film and television industry. As a writer and director, Mansfield has won several awards nationally for his short films and was the producer of ‘Dusk’, which won Best Screenplay as a finalist in the Tropfest Film Festival in 2007. As a Location Manager, Mansfield has worked on a large body of work including feature films, television serials, TVCs, music videos and documentaries. As an artist Mansfield’s focus has been primarily in the area of costume, model making and jewellery production.

Education: Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons), Flinders University: Major in Film & English

Film projects:
2013 – current The Usher, Script Writer, Television Series
2008 – current Monteith Underground, Writer/Director, Feature Film currently in production
2013 A Simple Question, Producer, Short Film currently in post-production
2012 The Dinner Party, Writer/Director, Short Film
2008 Dusk, Producer, Short Film, Tropfest Finalist

Hope Mathambu

Hope has always been one to actively pursue a better world. She has worked at organizations PLAN and Invisible Children, currently volunteers at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and is always vocally involved in causes both social and environmental. Whilst her work with these organizations often involves more paper pushing than creative activities she looks to art as a way to express her ideologies.

This year Hope has been taking lessons in origami at Happy Maree in Yarraville. She is excited about this opportunity to exhibit the work she has been developing through these classes and her own experimentation.

Caroline McCurdy

Caroline completed a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Monash University in 2006. In 2012 and 2013 she brought her work to Tokyo for the international art fair Design Festa; created a shirt design for Brisbane-based design studio and online store Made In The Now (Shirt #237); and produced typography for the comic by Melbourne-based author Matt Nicholls: Our Love Will Never Die, But We Will. In 2011 she was shortlisted for the Yen Young Australian Art Award. Previously she has created illustration and designs for magazines: A Cloth-Covered Button (Art Director), DG Publications (Senior Production Designer); illustrations for Voiceworks and Melbourne University’s Student Newspaper Farrago; identity designs for photographers Warwick Baker and Paul Philipson, and exhibited as part of group exhibitions: Urban Art (2012 and 2013); 40×40 Art Prize (2013), Blackboard (2010), Wakes Me Into (2008).

2013 Urban Art – 13A (group exhibition), Brunswick Street Gallery
2012 Seventh Super $ell-Out Sale, Seventh Gallery
40×40 Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery
Urban Art (group exhibition), Brunswick Street Gallery
2010 Blackboard, Hand Held Gallery (group exhibition)
2008 Wakes Me Into (group exhibition)
2006 Hatch, Monash University graduate exhibition, Monash Gallery, Melbourne

Shortlisted for the TONI&GUY Yen Magazine Young Australian Art Award 2011 for ’Lark’s Head’
T-Shirt Design (No.237) at Made In The Now
Senior Production Designer for the following DG titles:
Art & Design Education Resource Guide; OZ Graphix; DG Portfolio; DG Design Network
Web Design for Onya Magazine, and The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide
Art Director for A Cloth-Covered Button Magazine
Promotional Designs for online music magazine Albion
Identity Design & Post-Production Graphics (with Polydesign) for The Bazura Project
Identity Design for Hell Is For Hyphenates and photographers Warwick Baker, and Paul Philipson
Promotional Designs/merchandise for bands There She Goes Again, The Desert Wanderers and Castles Sunk Below the Sea

Monique Morter

EDUCATION: 2006-2010 Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts (drawing & printmaking), RMIT

The Forgotten Island, Solo Exhibition, Carbon Black Gallery, 2012
2010 Graduate Drawing Exhibition, RMIT
Metasenta- Centre for Contemporary Drawing, Installation: collaboration with Katarina Frank & Dr Irene Barbaris, 2010
Women They Talk About, Solo exhibition, First Site Gallery, 2010
Project Space, Installation: collaboration with Andre Liew & Tyler Clark, 2010
Works on Paper Prize (entrant), Brunswick Street Gallery, 2010
Allemensen, Solo exhibition, APTE Cafe and Foodstore, 2007
Group Show, Dante’s Upstairs, Gallery

Works on Paper Prize (Acquisitive Prize), Brunswick Street Gallery, 2010
A.M.E Bale Prize for Figurative Drawing (Finalist), Glen Eira City Gallery, 2013
Toyota Community Spirit Emerging Artists Competition (Finalist), 2013
SHE 2013 Competition and Exhibition (Finalist), Walker Street Gallery, 2013

Crissy Pavone

Currently in her final year of a nursing degree Crissy is always looking for an escape from the bureaucratic structures of her vocational endevours and an outlet for her imaginative inclinations. She’s been an enthusiastic member of the comedic act the Real Hot Bitches 80s dance troop for over 5 years, which has involved creating costumes, face painting and physical performance. Recently she began taking her costume making further, creating outfits for festivals and events. She looks forward to showing off her discovered aptitude for cape making and her love of face painting, glitter and all things fun in her work ‘More than Capable’.

Holly Preston

EDUCATION: Diploma of Fashion Design, RMIT

Music Videos:
Ladyhawke ‘Blue Eyes’ (Jacques Renault Remix), Legitimate Films, 2012
Art vs. Science ‘Higher’, Camera Club, 2011
Barbarian ‘My Rock’, Rockin’ Rollerskates Productions, 2011
Celadore ‘Distance is a Gun’, Kick Kick Punch, 2010

Feature Films:
Blue, Paint it Black Pictures, 2011

Short Films:
Eileen Pratt, Legitimate Films, 2010
Percy, Paint it Black Pictures, 2010

Fashion Design:
Tony and Guy Hair Show, 2010

Cesar Salmeron

Cesar Salmeron enjoys Curry Laskas, dumplings and life as a Cinematographer & Director. Born in Amsterdam and schooled in Germany, he shoots out of Melbourne. Early on he received the Lonely Planet Documentary Scholarship for his work as a Director, he now has become a sought-after Cinematographer & Director and needs two assistants to carry all his equipment.

Besides directing Grand Designs Australia, his latest short film ‘Snapshot’ received a Nomination for First Prize at the prestigious Montréal International Film Festival, along with numerous other international festival selections.

Being a Cinematographer by trade, Cesar enjoys nothing more than shooting the weird and wonderful. He fills his days shooting Commercials, Documentaries and Love jobs. His multicultural upbringing allows him to offer a unique perspective to the stories he tells, may it be with a script or a camera.

Georgina Steele

Georgina is a Chiropractic student at RMIT, and works as a chiropractic assistant outside of her studies. She is passionate about how the mind and body work and discovering the different ways in which we relate and react to our environment. These interests have led her to learn a traditional Maori form of dance involve the use of poi (which translates as “ball on string”). Through this dance Georgina explores the relationship between light and sound, exploring the ways in which she is compelled to move and create flow.

Georgina also spends her spare time creating gifts for friends, be it works from found objects or things she has created from scratch. She looks forward to bringing this hobby into an exhibition setting and giving away the small usable artworks she has made, turning the audience members from outsiders into part of the friendship circle of the collective through the giving of a gift.

Sam Woud

In 2006 Sam completed a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Media Arts and Chinese Language at Deakin University. Since then she has been engaged in a range of arts management and creative practices including producing films and coordinating cultural events, as well as simultaneously developing her artistic practice. Currently she is engaged in experimenting with the use of traditional craft skills, such as knitting and crochet, to explore themes of survival and the collapse of civilization.
Parks Project 2012
Penthouse Mouse 2011
Penthouse Mouse 2010
POP Craft Markets 2010


100, Barkly st. North Fitzroy

12-5pm Wed-Sat