Comb Over

Comb Over by Sherrie Knipe is a wall installation consisting of 70 individual plywood sculptures. The works are based upon ordinary hair combs but remind us of the oversized plastic ‘joke’ combs of the 1980s or souvenirs gathered on holiday.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 19 July 2013 to Sunday 01 September 2013

Comb Over image

Published by anonymous on Monday 22 July 2013.
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Combs are simple items that we all have a personal relationship with. Individually, they conjure memories of our past and perhaps suggest a future as our relationship changes with this humble object. Together, the pieces tell a collective visual story, whether it be a tradesman’s shadow board, an aerial view of crops in a field or the nightmarish wallpaper of those who know what it means to consider a ‘comb over’.

Comb Over continues Queensland-born artist Sherrie Knipe’s longheld interest in the domestic objects of everyday experience, which she reinterprets through changes in scale, material and context.