Signal 8 Summer Show at The Cat Street Gallery

The Cat Street Gallery,Salon Exhibition

The Cat Street Gallery presents it's annual Salon style summer exhibition.The exhibition brings a selection of works by some of the most prominent international contemporary artists, as well as celebrated emerging talent from South East Asia.

Art Exhibition previously on in Hong Kong.
From Thursday 18 July 2013 to Friday 30 August 2013
Launch Thursday 18 July 2013,

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Featuring the artwork of international artists:

Marc Standing,Paul Davies,Andrew Taylor,Anthony White,Guy Maestri,Desmond Leung,Charles Munka,Laurent Segretier
Marna Hattingh, Lucas Grogan,Lionel Smit,Chris Maxted,Melanie Comber,Kirsteen Pieterse,Grillo Demo,James Gordon,Chong il Woo,Miaz Brothers,Pakpoom Silaphan,Julie Rrap,Alberto Sanchez,Jason Sims, Alexander McKenzie,China dela Vega,Dadang Christano, Diego Koi,Jacqui Stockdale,Janet Laurence,Sam Leach,Jun Ahn,Lyndi Sales,Lo Mary Sibande, Marian Drew, and Sandra Chung


The Cat Street Gallery
222 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong