Leaving Deep Water

Galerie SAW Gallery

Artists: John Dickson (Toronto), Siassie Kenneally (Cape Dorset), Fay Ku (New York), Toby Millman (Miami / Ramallah) and Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Ho Chi Minh City / Dallas) Curator: Minh Nguyen

Art Exhibition previously on in Canada.
From Saturday 05 April 2008 to Saturday 17 May 2008

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 15 April 2008.
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In Toni Morrison’s essay “The Site of Memory,” water as “flooding” is strongly linked to the flow of cultural memory contained by images or pictures. Memories and imaginations are thus bound in the metaphorical depth of water. The exhibition Leaving Deep Water brings together five artists whose works explore the significance of this elemental substance through its materiality, form, space and temperament: John Dickson, Siassie Kenneally, Fay Ku, Toby Millman and Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba. These artists’ highly personalized imagined waters traverse the multiple and complex sites of history, culture, memory and identity. Their formal narratives reflect heightened sensorial and sensual dualities—of darkness and light, of visibility and invisibility, and of death and life. Here water is the site and substance where historical traumas are laid to rest, and competing powers struggle over borders and resources. It is a space where memories of the innocent dead are resurrected and acknowledged, and the warmth of childhood experience is remembered. It is also a release where clashing memories and histories can breathe new life into the imaginations of cultures.


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