Mémoire de Vie

Memory of Life

This solo exhibition brings together the found discards of society last inspirations in paintings and sculptures by Carolyn Cardinet

Art Exhibition previously on at Alliance Francaise Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 08 October 2013 to Friday 08 November 2013
Launch Tuesday 08 October 2013, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Friday 02 August 2013.
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Carolyn Cardinet is a painter and sculptor whose works and inspiration are drawn from fragments
of everyday life.
A total ‘labour of love’ – Cardinet’s tonal paintings speak of the transience of time. Some canvases have taken years to finish. In her recently completed series of work to be shown in October at The Alliance Française in Melbourne, her paintings are built up with many layers of images. She creates this density in her paintings by superimposing abstract or patterned images over realistic images, reflecting the complexities of our lives, memories and thought processes.
In her multi-disciplinary practice, Carolyn has also developed an interest in assemblages, created from salvaged materials found largely on the beaches and streets of the City of Port Philip. She says, “My intention is for the viewer to notice the banal and unnoticed discarded objects that proliferate in our urban environment.” With minimum intervention from disregarded objects such as single-use packaging, these objects are re-embodied and transformed into new and imaginative compositions.
By creating a poetic visual and a sense of wonder in her work, Cardinet’s intention is to provoke an emotional response and raise questions about the depletion of our environmental resources, as well as our insatiable desire for the new and disinterest and disconnect from the old.


Eildon Gallery
Alliance Française
51 Grey St
St Kilda