Framed Focus: Attack the Block (15)

Set on a South London council estate, this comedy-horror-action flick marked the directorial debut of Joe Cornish (one half of Adam and Joe) and is the perfect blend of laughs, scares and snappy dialogue.

Art Exhibition previously on at Barbican in United Kingdom.
From Saturday 21 September 2013 to Saturday 21 September 2013

Framed Focus: Attack the Block (15) image

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When aliens use the November 5th fireworks to cover an attack on the Capital, a gang of young teenagers are the only thing that stands in the way of world annihilation.

UK 2006 Dir Joe Cornish 88 min

Launched at the first ever Framed Film Festival in November 2012, Framed Focus is the Barbican’s new strand of screenings for 12–18 year olds and is designed to give young people greater access to film and take ownership of the Barbican cinemas.

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21 September 2013
Cinema 2 (Beech St)