Sherlock Hound (U)

Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Ponyo) writes and co-directs this reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes series, retold with canine characters. Sherlock ‘Hound’ explores the streets of London alongside his sidekick Dr. Watson, as he solves a number of action-packed and compelling mysteries, keeping the Capital safe from the dastardly Moriarty.

Art Exhibition previously on at Barbican in United Kingdom.
From Wednesday 11 September 2013 to Wednesday 11 September 2013

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 15 August 2013.
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A Small Client
London is under threat of being flooded with counterfeit money – could Moriarty be behind the scheme? Sherlock Hound is hot on the trail.

The Adventure of the Thames Monster
Something is stirring in the deep of the river – but is it a monster, or is it something mechanical? Only Hound can discover the truth.

The Sliver Blade Getaway
Opening with a police chase through London and ending with a daring Zepplin pursuit – this is one of Hound’s most thrilling cases. Moriarty is determined to escape the capital with a pile of stolen gold, but Hound and Watson will not let him go without a fight.

Japan 1984–85 Dir Kyosuke Mikuriya and Hayao Miyazaki
Approx running time 75 min (x 3 episodes)

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21 September 2013
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