IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST celebrates activism, public protest and free speech in the practice of Australian artists, comprising artworks from the City of Moreland Art Collection, exhibition partners and invited artists. This exhibition marks the centenary of the Gallery’s namesake - Noel Counihan, an artist and political activist committed to free speech and social justice.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 06 September 2013 to Sunday 06 October 2013
Launch Thursday 05 September 2013, 6-8pm

Image from War or Peace: Twelve linocuts Noel Counihan & Jack Lindsay, (Gryphon Books 1979).  image

Published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 24 August 2013.
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Featuring: Noel Counihan, Khadim Ali, Wendy Black, Penny Byrne, Nick Devlin, Anastasia Klose, Emily Floyd, William Kelly, Peter Lyssiotis, Ben McKeown, George Matoulas, Reko Rennie, Theo Strasser, TextaQueen and Liz Walker.

Curated by Leon Van de Graaff and Victor Griss

Public Program

Saturday 21 September, 2.30 pm – Curator’s talk

Friday 4th October, 6 – 8 pm – Activism and Free Speech: On the centenary of Noel Counihan’s birth invited guests will discuss Counihan, the arts and activism. Speakers include Noel’s son Mick Counihan, Melinda Barrie from the University of Melbourne Archives and artist and writer Peter Lyssiotis.