Howard Arkley

Gould Galleries is proud to present the first commercial Howard Arkley exhibition in over a decade. Included are some of his most iconic paintings and acclaimed imagery – house exteriors, interiors and freeways.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gould Galleries in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 14 November 2013 to Saturday 14 December 2013

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Published by Gould Galleries on Monday 26 August 2013.
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Arkley is widely regarded as the definitive Australian artist of the 1990s. His Pop inspired, high-tech images of urban and suburban Australia are instantly recognisable. Painted in vibrant day-glo colours, they pulsate with life.
His practice explored the streets and homes of his neighbourhood, and altered the perception that they were banal subjects. The suburban image bank is very rich. It’s just fantastic. I can’t understand why more people don’t paint it.
International critics and audiences alike praised Arkley’s representation of Australia at the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999, a year which also saw the artist’s first overseas solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Respected Las Vegas art critic David Hickey rated this sell-out show as one of the USA’s 10 best exhibitions of the 1990’s in Artforum magazine. Arkley’s untimely death in 1999 coincided with his burgeoning international reputation.
A meticulous technician with a precision for detail, Arkley produced only approximately 300 canvases. Nevertheless he has given the suburban environment a firm place in the history of Australian landscape painting. Arkley’s distinctive vision ensures we no longer ignore our seemingly ordinary surroundings.
Please contact Gould Galleries for detailed information on the works available or for high-res versions of the attached images. Note copyright is held by the Estate of Howard Arkley. Licensed by Kallie Rolfe Contemporary Art.

O.Y.O. Flats 1987 is the image in which Arkley sums up the modernist block of flats, its title alludes to a more contemporary “dream home”.
Reviewing Arkley’s Tolarno show in Agenda in 1988, Juliana Engberg commented that this ‘epic’ suburban image Triple Fronted 1988 ‘monumentalizes the everyday’. A large proportion of Arkley’s suburban imagery in various forms was based upon this painting and it introduced his comic book "Mickey Mouse " clouds.
The Pointillist Suburb Series exhibition was amongst the most influential of his career. It included eight distinctly differently patterned house exteriors, all of which were included in his Venice Bienalle Exhibition. Actual Fractual 1994 best displays Arkley’s innate knowledge of optical distortion with the image pulsating as one looks into the dots running on the chimney.
One of two freeway images in his landmark exhibition Howard Arkley: The Pointillist Suburb Series, A Freeway Painting (Over Pass) 1994 is the iconic painting on the subject. It is the template for every subsequent freeway Arkley produced.