Experimental Sounds Sculpture and Installation

Art Exhibition previously on at The Library Artspace in Victoria, Australia. Published by The Library Artspace on Sunday 01 September 2013. Saturday 07 September 2013 to Saturday 21 September 2013. Opening Saturday 07 September 2013 7-9pm.

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“E.S.S.I.” (experimental sounds, sculptures and installations) is to distort the audible familiarity and customary responses and adapt the sonic experience into an exhibition of sound that is non-customary and unfamiliar. It is to challenge all notions as to what we traditionally quantify as music and explore uncustomary sound as a legitimate form of art.


Noise music and sound art are areas of music that are elusive to many; it is an area where people explore sounds outside general rules of composition and arrangement to create an unaccustomed, non traditional type of music.
Often these sounds are derived from the natural environment, created mechanically from electronics, found objects, or many sources other than what we are familiar with in terms of commonly known traditional instruments and the sounds they make.

Our sonic experiences often have a customary response to predictable sounds that we hear and provide an audible familiarity in which we articulate as music.

The Library Artspace
Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm
100 Barkly St, North Fitzroy VIC 3068

Curation: Lee-Ann Joy
Contributing Sound Artists:
Tara Cook, Rodney Cooper, Richie Cyngler, Michael Graeve, Lee-Ann Joy, Jordan Lacey, Larissa Linnell, Eliot Palmer, Rebecca Pohlner, Pierre Proske, and
Vijay Thillaimuthu. International: Bogdan Dullsky, Margriet Kicks-Ass, Justin Marc Lloyd