The Art of the Graphic Novel

Gestalt exhibition at Heathcote shows that graphic novels have come of age as an art. Audiences of all ages will be able to get an in-depth view of how graphic novels are created at a new exhibition at Heathcote Museum and Gallery, from 10 April to 18 May 2008.

Art Exhibition previously on at Heathcote Museum & Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 10 April 2008 to Sunday 18 May 2008

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 16 April 2008.
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Some of Australia’s finest emerging graphic novelists are offering an in-depth view into the creative process through Gestalt: Art of the Graphic Novel, at the Heathcote Museum and Gallery.The exhibition includes scripts, thumbnails and finished pages and illuminates how comics have made an impact on visual culture. Gestalt Publisher Wolfgang Bylsma said the display represented validation of the graphic novel as art. “It’s an often misunderstood or shunned art form with the general presumption being that comics are for younger or remedial readers, but this jars against both the reality of the material being produced and the incredible freedom on offer for creators working with the form,” he said.

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