Daniel Crooks

The Samstag Museum of Art and the Adelaide Film Festival continue their productive, ongoing cultural collaboration in 2013, presenting a selction of significant work by the internationally acclaimed, New Zealand-born and now Melbourne-based artist, Daniel Crooks.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art in South Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 10 October 2013 to Friday 20 December 2013

 Static No. 12 (seek stillness in movement) (detail) image

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The exhibition will feature the premiere of new, site-specific work, commissioned by the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund and the Samstag Museum of Art.

Daniel Crooks is a Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia and 2013 Adelaide Film Festival exhibition, generously supported by Arts SA.

Employing a complex range of techniques to investigate new ways of representing time and space, in Crook’s skilful hands the screen becomes a malleable, fluid space, his alchemic process creating poetic and mesmerizing interpretations of the everyday world. The resulting moving images invite long contemplation and repeated viewing, luring the spectator into sharing what seems a deceptively familiar world, albeit one seen from a new vantage point.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 11.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 2.00pm – 5.00pm